How To Find The Right Construction Technology Partner

As a contractor, you’re constantly on the lookout for opportunities to take your business to the next level. This often boils down to innovative new technologies that can help your employees work more efficiently, and in the process, saving valuable dollars for the organization. At the same time, because you’re a business decision-maker, you’re probably being propositioned by dozens of potential new partners every week. So how do you separate the contenders from the pretenders? 

We’ve laid out three indicators of a respectable construction technology partner so that you can evaluate the companies vying for your business and determine the best option that makes sense for you and your team.

Here are three qualities to look for: 

1. Testimonials

It’s easy to put together a website and claim to sell a revolutionary new service that it will “change the game.” It’s a lot harder to have others vouch for you online. That’s why testimonials are so important. 

If you’re in the market for a construction technology partner, make sure they’ve got a proven track record of success. Take a look to see if they have customer testimonials. Go one level further and research the clients who have publicly stood by them. Are they real companies? Do they do business honestly and in good faith? You can learn a lot about a partner by the people they associate themselves with. If you don’t see the social proof you’re looking for, then it may be time to review other options. 

2. Dedicated Support Team

Another great way to find out if a potential technology partner is the real deal is to reach out to their support team. Your business is important and deserves to have reasonable response rates and backup in the event you need some extra help. 

There isn’t much worse than paying for a service, and having to wait days – or even weeks before you get through to an actual human being on the other line. Great customer service is absolutely an indicator of a trustworthy company. Before buying into a subscription, give the support team a call to see if they can help answer any of your questions. It’ll feel more comfortable than speaking to a salesperson and provides you with valuable peace of mind. 

3. Free Trial

So you’ve done your research, and everything checks out - great reviews, fantastic interactions with the support team. But you’re still a little skeptical. We’ve all been there. Your company is everything and demands a high degree of diligence before jumping into a contract. 

The final step to see if your potential technology partner is exactly what you hoped it would be is if they provide a free trial. Basically, this has become the standard in recent years. Why get trapped into paying for something you might not like? Free trials give organizations the chance to put their money where their mouth is by providing potential customers with a test drive of their service. If they can really do what they say they do, it’ll become evident during this time. 

Full disclosure, we want to be a part of your next project, and proudly exhibit each of the qualities listed above. At the end of the day, we know that your time and money is extremely valuable. At Gadzoom, we work tirelessly to make the professional lives of contractors like yourself move forward just a little more efficiently. Our construction document management platform has proven itself time and time again, and we’d love for you to be a part of our growing community. 

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