How to Make a Crystalline Silica Exposure Control Plan

The top priority of any competent construction management team is the safety of its employees. With that safety, comes the responsibility to train and prepare for a variety of different situations that may compromise your team. 

How to Make a Crystalline Silica Exposure Control Plan

Not the least of your worries is Crystalline Silica exposure as a result of construction dust. It can be extremely dangerous when inhaled, and your plan to minimize the danger isn't just a legal requirement - it's also a good business decision. 

Here are three ways Gadzoom can help you get started:

Dynamic Templates

No more wasting hundreds of hours on a single document. Our massive library of templates gives you the freedom to customize your very own plan that meets the unique needs of your jobsite. Reduce risk and unnecessary injuries by identifying hazardous source materials and related construction activities for your project. Gadzoom takes out the guesswork, so you can focus on implementation.

Comprehensive Documents

There’s a lot that goes into exposure control plans. These documents can be difficult to navigate and must be properly prepared in order to truly protect your employees. Don’t risk something falling through the cracks and delaying the project. Gadzoom’s planning tools break down the different exposure prevention protocols and provide you with the information you need to make decisions that best suit your team’s interests.

Government Compliant

Our platform can generate effective exposure control plans that are proven to meet OSHA’s “Respirable Crystalline Silica Standard.” These heavily regulated documents need to be airtight before getting approved by government regulators. Gadzoom helps you understand and manage the risk of Crystalline Silica Exposure to keep your employees safe and your company in compliance.

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About Gadzoom

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