The World's Only Mobile App for Activity Hazard Analysis Creation – NOW IN BOTH Android and iOS

Being able to work while being mobile has become ever more important in our daily workflow, especially in the construction industry. Time is at a premium and field personnel are having to be more accurate in less time to maintain schedules and boost profitability!

The World’s Only AHA Creation Mobile App+

Gadzoom, the highest rated Activity Hazard Analysis creation platform since 2014, has also made the platform mobile so subscribers can create and manage their project AHAs in the field. Gadzoom is the world’s only Activity Hazard Analysis (AHA) app for creating, editing, and electronically signing Activity Hazard Analysis documents and it’s Free to all Gadzoom subscribers. With access to Gadzoom’s AHA creation web platform and mobile apps on Play Store, App Store, or Amazon Appstore, management and field personnel can work as a team to create the best, most complete construction Activity Hazard Analysis documents possible.

Every construction contract awarded by the federal government requires the creation and use of an Activity Hazard Analysis (AHA) for every step or Definable Feature of Work (DFOW) of the project. The creation of each AHA requires a substantial amount of experience and research to correctly complete. It’s honestly a daunting task for even the most seasoned safety professionals.

Gadzoom is the most powerful Activity Hazard Analysis generation tool ever created, containing the world’s largest library of complete AHAs and activity steps. With Gadzoom, companies can create all their required AHAs easily knowing that the research has already been compiled for them, including EM 385-1-1 and OSHA references. To further save time, multiple AHAs can be created simultaneously, requiring project information to only be entered once.

The Platform for Elevating your AHAs

Construction companies performing government contracts may have a small library of AHAs that they have developed over the course of many years. Other companies have a limited safety department that’s spread too thin for effective AHA management. Employees may struggle for days researching safety manuals such as the EM 385-1-1 or the OSHA 1926 to write AHAs that will be accepted.

Gadzoom is not only the most powerful AHA generation tool ever created, it also contains the largest library of complete AHAs and activity steps in the world. With Gadzoom, companies can easily create all required documents with confidence. Gadzoom’s flexible platform provides users the ability to create unique AHAs by combining steps from different activities to meet existing requirements on your project. Gadzoom’s proprietary platform allows users to store complete AHAs or custom steps in their secure vault for instant editing and sharing with other projects and stakeholders, as desired.

Signature Tracking

Users just wanting to go paperless or that are working in remote locations can utilize Gadzoom’s mobile app to record electronic signatures onto every project AHA, like key personnel and competent persons. Additionally, trade workers can also sign the AHA meeting attendance sheet electronically, providing better records while promoting social distancing. This feature also allows personnel performing the work to attend the AHA meetings virtually and sign electronically, possibly saving valuable time in meeting attendance. All signatures are automatically placed in the document and synced with the program, ready to be viewed or printed, providing an up-to-date electronic record for instant retrieval and review.

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